Finding a place to rent

Moving In

Before the landlord or agent hands over the keys to a new rental property you will normally be required to do the following: Provide satisfactory refereences Provide proof of identity….

Students – What to look for When Viewing Properties

What type of property are you looking for? Once you have decided on the type of property you are looking for you can narrow down your search and begin to….

What is a deposit?

What is a deposit and why is one required? The deposit, often referred to as the security deposit is an amount of money that the tenant pays to the landlord….

Providing References

The majority of landlords and estate agents will insist on written references, so what references are you expected to provide. You will usually be expected to provide a minimum of….

Finding A Place To Rent

Following a few basic tips and doing a little bit of pre planning will make your search for a rented home easier. Before you start to set up appointments to….

Avoiding Scams

Keep your wits about you when searching for rental properties – don’t get conned out of your hard earned cash. Follow these tips: Always meet the landlord at the property….

Rent Supplement

What is Rent Supplement and who qualifies for it? Rent Supplement is a payment made to people whose main source of income is social welfare and they cannot afford to….

Leases – Advice for Students

Every student should remember that if they sign a lease they are signing a legal contract and there some important points to remember. Lease Duration: Do not sign a lease….

Renting Privately Or Through An Estate Agent

Does it matter if I rent directly from a landlord or through an estate agent?  In Ireland the tenant does not incur any additional costs by viewing properties that are….