Top 20 Tips to Trouble-Free Renting


  1. Choose a location carefully, make an informed choice and consider distance to shops,
    transport and other facilities.
  2. Decide on the criteria you require in a property (e.g number of bedrooms) this will help to
    narrow down your short list of potentially suitable properties.
  3. Never pay a deposit without viewing the property first no matter how eager you are to secure a new place to live.
  4. Decide carefully who you are going to live with. Be certain you can get on with any
    potential new house mates.
  5. Agree in advance how the rent and bills will be divided.
  6. Read the lease agreement and understand what you are signing – it is a legal contract.
  7. Have a detailed inventory of content’s this will help to protect your deposit in the event of
    a dispute.
  8. Agree some house rules with your fellow tenants. This helps to prevent arguments.
  9. Open a separate bank account for the rent and bill payments.
  10. Treat the property and its contents with respect.
  11. Understand your rights and obligations as a tenant.
  12. Develop a good relationship with you landlord or agent and communicate with them.
  13. Pay your rent on time. Use a standing order.
  14. Check that your rental property is fitted with smoke alarms and a fire blanket.
  15. Inform the landlord or agent of anything that requires attention, for example repairs that
    are needed.
  16. Permit the landlord or agent to inspect the property. This prevents small problems
  17. Insure your own contents, they are not covered under the landlords policy.
  18. Give the correct amount of notice and follow the correct procedure for giving notice. Do not give notice by text it is not valid.
  19. Get written permission from the landlord before you make any changes to a property, for
    example painting a room.
  20. Clean the property thoroughly before you move out.
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