Rent a Room Scheme

If you are renting a room in someone else’s home, for example, a home owner who rents out a room to generate extra income and they also live in the property then you are not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 and other legislation that governs the residential letting market in Ireland. Therefore the rules and regulations that are covered in this book do not apply.

In order to protect yourself you should agree some ground rules in writing before you rent a room that covers:

  • The rent amount and how it is paid
  • The deposit amount and the circumstances under which it can be lost
  • An agreement as to what bills you are liable for and how they are divided
  • Any house rules regarding visitors, friends staying over, noise levels parties etc
  • How much notice you must give when you want to leave
  • How much notice you will be given if the homeowner (landlord) wants you to leave