Your Obligations as a Tenant

While as a tenant you have rights you also have legal obligations as a tenant. These include:

  • To pay the rent on time and in full
  • To provide the landlord with the information required to register the tenancy with the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB)
  • To maintain the property in good order and to inform the landlord when repairs are needed and to allow him or his agents access for the purpose of carrying out repairs
  • Not to engage in activities that may harm the property e.g. drying clothes inside the property without proper ventilation, as this may cause damp to develop.
  • Allow the landlord to do routine inspections of the property
  • Inform the landlord of who is living in the property
  • To avoid causing damage, nuisance or breaking the law
  • To comply with the terms of the lease agreement
  • Not to do anything that could adversely affect the landlords insurance premium
  • To give proper notice when terminating the tenancy.